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Terms & Conditions


Agreement for the Hire of Product between "Tble. Linen", hereafter known as The Owner, and The Hirer as follows: 

Hire Period: 

  • • Hire period is from the day product leaves the Owner’s possession until the day received back into the Owners possession. 

  • • Hire periods are counted in working days as follow: 1 to 4 days (1 hire period), 5 to 8 days (2 hire periods), 9 to 12 days (3 hire periods). No allowance can be made for time when product is not in use for any reason whatsoever. 


Hire Charge and Payment Terms: The hirer shall pay to the Owner by way of hire charge as per the standard charge rates of the Owner. These rates are subject to change without prior notice. A 50% non-refundable deposit is required 7 days after the invoice date. Payment terms are in full prior to product leaving the owner’s possessions unless otherwise arranged prior with the Owner. 


For credit account customers, the Owner will send the Hirer an invoice for charges incurred. The Hirer must pay the invoice by the 20th of the month following the date of invoice. The Owner reserves the right to reverse any previously agreed discount for credit account customers if the account is not paid by the due date. 

  • • The Owner will not accept any claim for credit received more than one month after the date of invoice. 

  • • The Owner reserves the right to apply payments received in any manner the Owner determines. 

  • • Without prejudice to the Owner’s other remedies under these Conditions, at law or otherwise, the Hirer will pay default interest at the rate of 2% above the Owner’s overdraft rate calendar month on all outstanding amounts from the end of the agreed hire period (for cash customers) or from the 20th of the month following date of invoice (for credit account customers), until all monies have been paid in full. 

  • • The Hirer must make all payments due under the Contract (time being of the essence) without set-off or deduction of any kind. 

  • • No credit shall be extended on overdue accounts. 

  • • The Hirer’s obligations to pay charges and any other sums to the Owner shall continue despite any mechanical defect in or breakdown of, theft of, or accident or damage caused to the product 



  • • The Hirer shall maintain the product in good working order during the period of hire and shall return the product, including laundry bags and accessories after use. 

  • • The Owner does not represent or warrant that the product supplied or its capacity or performance is fit for the purpose for which the hirer requires it. 

  • • While every endeavour is made to supply product as ordered, the Owner reserves the right to substitute other suitable product where necessary. 

  • • Where required the Hirer will be instructed in the correct use of the product. However the Hirer assumes responsibility for the correct use of the product whether instructed or not. 

  • • The Owner will not be responsible for any delays, accidents or loss or damage of any kind either directly, indirectly or consequently which may arise through defects or breakdowns of the product hired. 


Proper Use: The hirer shall only use the product for the purpose and within the capacity limits of which it has been designed and will not attempt to alter, repair or modify the product hired. 


Non-Supply: "Tble. Linen" will endeavour to supply product as ordered but will not accept responsibility for non-delivery, delay in delivery or inability to supply product when required. 


Damaged or Faulty Product: If the Hirer considers any product to be damaged or faulty when supplied they must notify the Owner immediately and the hire will cease from the time notification is received and the product is found to be damaged or faulty by the Owner. It is important to note that some imperfections are not always able to be removed as is the nature of 100% linen. 


Sub-Hire of Product: If the hirer chooses to sub-hire product responsibility of payment and product remains that of the initial hirer. 


Return of Product: Any product or part thereof not returned by the due date will be charged for additional hire periods or if the items are lost, the full retail value of the product will be charged to the Hirer’s credit card/account plus a $50 service fee. 

Repossession: The Owner may cancel the hire and repossess the product at any time during the hire period without notice and without payment of compensation. For that purpose the Owner or his/her agents may enter the Hirer's premises to recover their product. 


Insurance: The hirer must cover the cost of the product for any damage, loss or theft occurring during the hire period. 


Disputes: No claim relating to goods and services will be considered unless made within seven days of the Hire Period. 


Hirer Liability: 

  • • The Hirer shall be liable to the Owner for any damages suffered by the Owner as a result of the breech of, or non-compliance to any of the Terms and Conditions of the agreement by the Hirer. 

  • • Damage includes but is not limited to wax residue, cigarette burns, non removable stains and irreparable damages. 



Owners Liability: “Tble. Linen” accepts no liabilities whatsoever in respect of third party and similar risks or for personal injury or for consequential damage or loss. 


Acknowledgement: The Hirer and any representatives from the Hirer who have taken possession of hire product are deemed to have read and understood the Terms and Conditions of this agreement. 


Intellectual Property: The design and concept of all hired items and any concepts used and displayed by "Tble. Linen", are the property of "Tble. Linen", licensors or its partners and are protected by copyright, trademark and other laws. "Tble. Linen" owns a copyright in the selection, coordination, arrangement and enhancement of such concepts. You also may not remove or copyright proprietary notices attached to any hired items.